Ethan Sisser is an Innovative Life Coach, SomaVeda Massage Therapist, and Healer. Using the tools of Yoga, SomaVeda Massage, Belief Re-Programming, and Living Food Cleanse Programs and Detoxification, he has assisted thousands of people to find balance, health, and happiness, from New York to Maui. Ethan is grateful to help you find greater levels of Love, Detoxification, and Inspiration in all areas of your life, beginning today.

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“Ethan’s dedication to me and my goals was unwavering. He was always there if I needed him, and there even if I didn’t feel like asking for help! His intuitive ability to find what needs healing and releasing in the Now Moment is uncanny. Within the three weeks of progress together we had covered many ways that I could continue my care in a perfectly feasible and possible way. He helped me to tap into the momentum I had already built to get me in better health (mentally, physically and spiritually) and helped perpetuate the momentum further. The new and intriguing perspectives that opened up to me helped me to realize just how much of the work I had already been doing in my daily practices. Ethan honed in on those practices and exemplified them, bringing me into an even more efficient state of operation in this world.” – Joshua, Maui

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