Let Ethan help you Ëxperience Ëternal Ënergy as you Love, Detoxify, and Inspire Your Life!

Ethan has been offering Yoga Healing and Health Coaching for the past 11 years.

He draws upon extensive regular practice in his own daily life as a 100% Living Foods Practitioner, 99% liquidarian, as well as working with more than 10,000 private clients and students, and 1,100+ hours of training at the SomaVeda Institute. Ethan is very grateful to offer this work for your benefit.

Ethan has worked with clients privately in Great Neck, NY, New Paltz NY, Ithaca NY, Westhampton, NY and now is based out of Maui, offering sessions locally and worldwide to people from all walks of life.

Ethan is grateful to offer an integration of his life’s work on Maui, helping people Detoxify & find health & happiness on all levels.

“Ethan’s dedication to me and my goals was unwavering. He was always there if I needed him, and there even if I didn’t feel like asking for help! His intuitive ability to find what needs healing and releasing in the Now Moment is uncanny. Within the three weeks of progress together we had covered many ways that I could continue my care in a perfectly feasible and possible way. He helped me to tap into the momentum I had already built to get me in better health (mentally, physically and spiritually) and helped perpetuate the momentum further. The new and intriguing perspectives that opened up to me helped me to realize just how much of the work I had already been doing in my daily practices. Ethan honed in on those practices and exemplified them, bringing me into an even more efficient state of operation in this world.” – Joshua, Maui

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Why invest in an 8-Week Detox & Lifestyle Upgrade Program with Ethan?

- You are ready to clear the unnecessary clutter from your internal and external life.

 - You see the value in receiving expert Raw Food Health Coaching.

- You are sick of living a normal life,  and would like to “upgrade” your diet and lifestyle.

- You know that it’s TIME to reprogram your beliefs.

- You would like to be held accountable to your Greater Vision and daily objectives.

- You smile at the thought of receiving private Yoga Instruction, Fitness Coaching (with Customized Home Exercise Routine Videos), Customized SomaVeda Massage and Physical Rehabilitation.


Call to schedule your FREE Introductory 75-minute Lifestyle Upgrade Strategy Session with Ethan, and discover your “weakeast link” as well as seeing if you and Ethan would be a good match to work together. 808-633-6609.


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