Unlike Any 30-Day Cleanse Challenge You Have EVER Experienced!
Join Community as we inspire each other to upgrade our diet and manifest our visions. 

 Your 30-Day Juice Till 12 Health Challenge Includes:

Receive a FREE 1-on-1 Health Coach Session to help you Create Your Personalized 30-Day Goals.

+ Commit to Drinking Fresh Juice Until 12PM Daily for 30 Days. Ethan will help you create a vision of what your diet will look like after 12PM each day.

+ Participate in weekly detox bootcamp workshops where we track your progress, engage in physical detoxification exercises (cardio, calisthenics, stretching), vision boards, group dialogue, question and answer, and check-ins about the previous weeks challenges.

+ Join weekly Group Teleconference Check-Ins and Education Classes.

+ Check-In daily with your accountability buddy to make sure you are staying inspired to manifest your visions!


Makawao Church: Saturdays 8AM – 11AM (5/9, 5/16, 5/23, 5/30, 6/6): Three-Hour Bootcamp

At Your Home: Wednesdays 7-8PM (5/13, 5/20, 5/27, 6/3): Group Teleseconference Check-In

4-Week Series: $495 (Register by 4/25: $395)

*BONUS: FREE 30-Minute Detoxification Massage with Ethan ($54 value)


Join us in your at-home 30-Day Challenge with Ethan’s Private Consultation Support: Only $145!

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Private Sessions with your Maui Health Coach Ethan 

Know the Next Step: Experience a FREE Health Coaching Consultation Today! 


IMG_6833Call 808-633-6609 to schedule your FREE Detox Jumpstart Consultation and discover what action

steps you can take TODAY to improve your health.


In this conversation we will determine the action steps you can take TODAY to improve your health and wellness, at no charge. If it feels like we would be a good fit to work together, we will create an individualized program that meets your needs, and schedule your upcoming sessions. 


“Using the tools of juice delivery cleanse programs, integrative massage, & health coaching, I assist individuals in releasing old limiting patterns while creating higher levels of health.” - Ethan Sisser, Optimum Health Coach


Ethan is an amazing health coach. He came into my life and at the time i didn’t realize the profound impact he would make, contributing in so many ways to my soul growth through his sessions. I have spent the last several months doing healing modalities with Ethan’s care. His work is intuitive, gentle and nurturing. He brings to his work a sweet calmness and grace while doing transformational healing techniques. Incorporated into my sessions was personal growth work, energy techniques that free stuck emotions, the most AMAZING body work…which included yoga and massage incorporated into one divine movement. He has much knowledge about diet, nutrition and an overall deep understanding of healing. Also, he has a great sense of humor!!! Ethan is compassionate and very dedicated to delivering healing work that is grounding and provides growth for the body, mind, spirit and soul. He gives 100% and and was always available for check ins via email or texts. His guidance, and grace inspired me to be a freer more authentic soul and motivated my healing journey.  He is a great health coach, and is filled with love and this shows through in all the ways he gives so freely.”  – Diane, Haiku



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